On Tour – 2016! Heading West

Elys & Larry RV OnTour 2016
Elsy & I are getting ready to hit the road again for 2 months! We will be taking the RV (We need to get a nickname) and heading West.
1st Stop, Austin, TX for a really cool Online Marketing Conference http://live.conversionxl.com/ which happens to be at a resort (fishing anyone http://www.sunsetpointlbj.com/
2nd Stop, Dallas, Tx for the ReThink Dallas ThoughtWorks Conference https://goo.gl/wXPJiX.
3rd Stop, Las Vegas, NV for the ERE Conference on “Data Driven Talent Acquisition” http://goo.gl/zWkm7P. Elsy has us booked at some fancy RV Resort in Vegas for a month :). Link to RV Resort: http://www.lvmresort.com/gallery/
4th Stop, We will head over to SF and visit the ThoughtWorks San Fran Office while staying at RV park near bye. Looks amazing http://www.sanfranciscorvresort.com/
We will keep everyone posted and maybe see you along the way :).
RV Stuff:
Other than the essentials (water, electricity, food, etc),  consistent wifi is vital for us to make this whole thing happen.  We have conference calls, phone interviews, and of course, the need to search for people online.  We did tons of research and invested in the top of the line solution (Wife Ranger – Elite Pack FM), it’s not cheap.  Our antenna broke or was stolen somewhere between a snowstorm in New Mexico and landing in Utah.   I just received a new antenna and will mount before we head off to Austin.
We are so impressed with our little ACE.  Keep in mind that the is an entry level gas powered RV.  Even though the price tag is high for the everyday person (85-90k), in the RV world, this model is made for the occasional trip and NOT “full timing”.  So far so good. We did crack our windshield :/ but our insurance covered the replacement.
Couldn’t be happier with the mobile lifestyle and we are focusing on trying to upgrade the RV and do this full time.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road


Podcast “Where The Rubber Meets The Road” w/ . Click here to listen:

For the podcast this year I’m committed to searching far and wide for the most interesting stories and ideas in recruiting and HR.  Change is now a constant in our world and the people who are prepared to strike out from the norm and experiment are the ones driving innovation. My guest this week is a brilliant example of what is possible when you think about things differently.

Larry Hernandez is currently a Talent Scout for Thought Works having formerly worked for bothRackspace and Zappos. By working while driving round America in an “RV” he is bringing a whole new meaning to mobile recruiting.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why Larry choose his unique approach to work life balance

•    What it is like to source and recruit on the road

•    How his alternative lifestyle is helping build connections with candidates

•    His experiences of working in the unique culture at Zappos where his team were the beta test for the much talked about move to holocracy.

Larry also talks about recruiting innovation and his predictions for where things are going (including him and his RV!) in 2016


3 Months Later

It’s been about three months since we started our new adventure on the road.  Looking back at all the “what ifs” and “unknowns” of making this huge change, I laugh to myself. Fear of the unknown can is so powerful!  It amazes me at how powerful the stories we tell ourselves can be. And where do these stories come from? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter where they come from, the important thing is that they are just stories.  Start telling yourself some new stories!  Ok, enough of that for now.


RV Stuff


Surprisingly, we haven’t had too many mishaps, but we have learned so much.

  1. RV refrigerators hate to be unlevel. Long story short, the night before we were about to take off on our first big trip to Chicago, we had our RV parked in our driveway (which is very steep). Elsy noticed that our fridge was still warm. “Oh know ” I thought. We bought a brand new RV and the fridge is already broken. Well, just a few minutes on youtube and the problem was fixed. If your RV is on a very unlevel ground, your fridge will not work.
  2. Flat Tire. Well, not a flat tire, just a huge bolt stuck in the tire. After a small tantrum in my head, we googled some tire repair shops and $50 and a couple of hours later, we were back on the road.


First Flat in our Ace RV



First Flat in our RV






3.  Electrical System.  Just like living in an old house or apartment.  The RV electrical system can only handle so much.  Just know where your fuse box is and buy some extra fuses (they are cheap).  We have it down now.  If we try to run the microwave while our electric space heater is one,  “pop goes the fuse”.  No big deal.  Just unplug the heater and reset the fuse box.  Keep in mind that there is a master fuse box outside (if you are using the RV parks electrical) and depending on what model RV you get,  there is usually one master outlet (ours is in the bathroom) that has a reset button.


4.  Invest and upgrade your black water hose. AKA – your sewage hose.

$24.00 on Amazon. Camco 39761 RhinoFLEX 15′ Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting.

5. When staying  cold climates,  invest in a heated water line. Nothing sucks more than having to mess around with a leak in the middle of the night when it’s 14 degrees.  Enough said.

6. RV GPS.  The first half of our big Chicago journey, we just used my iPhone and Google Maps.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, we had an RV GPS shipped to us while we stayed at an RV park.   We got the Garmin RV GPS. It’s pricey, but the cool thing is that once you enter your RV height and length, the GPS will create routes that will keep your from crossing under bridges and older highways that are too low for your RV.

7. Good Sunglasses for the driver.  Nothing is scarier that driving a school bus in traffic and getting blinded by the sun.  Invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses.  Maui Jim works for me.  An added plus on long 8 hours drives is that a good pair of sunglasses makes the drive less taxing on the drivers eyes.

I will add to this as we think of more.  If you have questions, please comment and I will try and answer.


The Good Life


Waking up every morning and breathing fresh air from new places is amazing.  Going to sleep knowing that we are not on vacation, knowing that we don’t have to go “back to work” on Monday is so wonderful.  I don’t know what the future holds, but in taking this chance, and moving one step closer toward my dream, I have stumbled upon true happiness.




Thanksgiving in South Padre Island

The RV at South Padres Island KOAEstesParkCO-rVpark